Will Marble Countertops Stain?

Care and maintenance of a kitchen worktop are of utmost importance for its long life. Especially, kitchen worktops made with marble in London can easily stain as they are porous.
Though marble worktops are used after professional sealing to avoid the possibility of stains, there a lot of chances that the marble tends to appear dull and worn off after some years of usage. Hence, it is necessary to reseal and polish the marble worktop regularly to protect it from dulling and staining. Marble can get stained due to many substances, both alkaline and acidic.

No matter which type of worktop it is, marble or Silestone worktop, never leave it in direct contact with beverages such as tea, coffee, water rings and soft drinks for long. Moreover, make sure you clear off the stains before it penetrates into deep layers.

Marble can get stained due to cooking oils and cosmetics such as creams and lotions as well. In Essex, worktop should be free from acidic stuff like fruit juices and abrasive cleaning agents. These substances can make your marble worktop appear dull and old. It can also change the texture of the marble making it rough and unpolished. Once affected, polish your worktop professionally to protect it from further damage.

How To Clean Stains Of Tea And Coffee From Marble?
Stains occurring from the spills of coffee and tea are termed as organic stains. If the stain is fresh, it is advised that you clear it off instantly with the help of a damp cloth and a dishwashing detergent. Make sure the detergent is off the surface completely, rinse and dry it properly.

However, for aged stains, you need to soak a tissue or cloth in 20 percent of peroxide. Add a few drops of ammonia also in it. Place this cloth over the stain for an hour. Check if the stain is removed after an hour. If not, let it sit there for few more hours. You might have to moisten the cloth time to time with the same solution. If required, place a plastic bowl over the cloth to prevent the moisture for escaping. Lastly, clear off the surface properly after the process.

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