Why Choose Granite Kitchen Worktop Over a Cheap Laminate?

Granite slabs of high quality are expensive but it is worth paying the extra amount for the myriad benefits offered by this stone. Though there are cheaper alternatives to using granite such as laminates, it is wise to invest in granite.

Here are few reasons why you should select granite over the inexpensive laminate for installation of granite worktops in London and other cities in the UK.

Reasons for Choosing the Granite Worktop over Laminate

o Long Lasting: Granite is a very hard and durable stone that is scratch-proof, stain-proof as well as acid proof. With proper care it can last for decades. Thus it proves to be a good investment in the long run. On the other hand, laminates can be chipped off or scratched easily and are prone to staining. You have to be very careful with pans and hotpots as they can easily damage the laminates. Thus it proves that investing in a granite countertop is a wise decision. Thus for the durability of granite many homeowners prefer granite worktops in Croydon as well as in the other cities in the UK.

o Classy Appeal: Granite sports an elegant look that a cheap laminate cannot provide. It also helps to increase the worth of a property if you have any plans of selling it in future. A home with sophisticated decor with polished granite worktops can demand a higher asking price than the one equipped with cheap laminates.

o Upkeep: A granite worktop needs proper sealing and hence should be done by an experienced installer. Once it is effectively sealed following the manufacturer’s guidelines, it can effectively resist bacterial growth and staining. While in the case of laminates you have to be very careful about spillage as they take up stain very quickly. Thus with low upkeep you can maintain your granite kitchen worktop in a brand new condition for years.

For proper installation, high quality granite worktops in Kent and other places in the UK, contact AMR Granite today. We are specialists in manufacturing, designing as well as installation of finest quality of granite, quartz, marble and other natural stone materials in UK.

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