Using the Colour of a New Granite Countertop to Complement Existing Home Décor

A worktop is no less than the centre of attraction in a kitchen. Replacing the worktop is a great way to change the looks of the kitchen. However, it is necessary that the worktop matches the existing décor and setting completely.

Surprisingly, granite is available in many distinct shades and patterns. This makes finalising a specific colour of granite worktop in Sussex quite difficult for homeowners. You need to consider several different things when choosing a granite worktop to gel with the existing setting and looks of your kitchen.


Tips to Choose the Perfect Granite Worktop That Suits the Kitchen

• Black and grey worktops fit well in kitchens giving an incredibly appealing look. Such colours would create a contrast with the shades of the walls and cabinets. Moreover, both black and grey are basic yet strong shades to complement white, dark and brightly coloured kitchen décor.

• It is easy to find kitchens with neutral shades like of eggshell, white, beige ad tan, as they complement the wooden cabinetry quite well. If your kitchen also has a somewhat similar décor, go for a brown coloured granite worktop in Surrey. Luckily, granite is available in many different shades of brown as well. You should either pick a two shade lighter or darker brown granite worktop to complement the kitchen décor.

• No matter what your existing décor of the kitchen is, it is not mandatory to install a similar shade of kitchen worktop. You can also experiment with different granite worktop colours such as green, pink and blue.

These shades go pretty well with all kinds of kitchen designs. However, it might not be easy to find these shades easily in the market. This is because manufacturers do not produce granite in such colours readily. You can either get this colour of granite worktop in Essex on request from a reputed granite worktops company or find one online.

If you shop for the granite kitchen worktop offline, getting a sample might help you choose wisely. On the other hand, you must browse the pictures of the granite marble properly while shopping for the worktop online. Remember, each granite piece is different in visual appeal.

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