The Ultimate Tips for Maintaining your Granite Worktops

Kitchen worktops come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes. Among the many variants of kitchen worktops available in the market today, granite worktops ranks as one of the most popular choices. The prime reason for the popularity of granite worktops in Croydon is the staggering beauty that granite worktops usually add to kitchen spaces. Granite worktops are incredibly strong too, and combined with their amazing looks, it’s not surprising that they command steep prices.

However, granite worktops need their fair share of maintenance. Granite worktops in Kent are not small investments. Therefore, you must protect your investment as much as possible by doing all you can to maintain it well. Here are a few tips that would surely keep your granite worktop in tip-top shape for a long time to come.

Daily Cleaning

An expensive granite worktop should be cleaned daily, and you should be very particular regarding what you clean the worktop with. Don’t just take any cloth and start rubbing. Be sure to get some microfiber cloth, along with pH-balanced products that don’t just clean the granite surface, but also make the surface shine post-cleaning. Bleach and other products that contain acidic ingredients are strict no-nos.

Invest in a High-Quality Sealant

There are numerous granite worktops that don’t require sealing. However, there’s no harm in using a sealant provided its quality is top-notch. Don’t be fooled by cheap sealants in the market. These sealants usually tend to damage the granite surface. However, a high-quality sealant adds to the moisture-resistant nature of the worktop surface. Before you use the sealant, make sure that the worktop hasn’t already been sealed by the installers.

Say No to Consistent Exposure to Heat

Most sellers of granite worktops would tell you that they are completely heat-resistant, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes, granite worktops can withstand high temperatures, but if you keep exposing the surface to boiling temperatures on a regular basis, sooner or later, the effects are bound to show up. So, make it a point to avoid directly exposing your granite worktop surface to hot pots and pans.

Check if the Worktop Requires Resealing

Whenever granite worktops in Sussex become too porous, it’s a signal that the worktops require resealing. To find out if they indeed do need to be re-sealed, simply pour some water on to the worktop surface. The area would be darkened in a few moments if the stone has become porous.

Here’s hoping that you can keep your granite worktop looking good and working great!

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