The Features and Benefits of Quartz Worktops

Quartz has been a trusted material for creating kitchen worktops for quite some time now. Over the last half-a-century, quartz worktops have grown very popular and right now, they are considered quite high-end as far as kitchen worktops are concerned.

If you have plans on investing in Silestone worktops or other quartz worktops, here’s what you need to know about them.

They Look Amazing: There’s no denying it, quartz worktops look absolutely magnificent, and they can take any kitchen space to the next level. Their natural lustre, quite alike worktops made from marble in London, is a major reason why so many people choose quartz above alternatives.

Easy Installation: Quartz worktops provide benefits for not just the customer, but also for the people who have to install it. Ask any kitchen expert, and he would tell you that installing quartz worktops is a piece of cake, and it provides environmental benefits as well by producing less waste.

Strength and Hardness: Quartz worktops aren’t just about style; they have quite some substance too. Inside the kitchen, many tools are used. Some of them can be very hard and sharp, and unforgiving on the worktop surface. In such a situation, you need a strong and hard worktop surface, and quartz worktops Essex provide exactly that.

Anti-bacterial: There are many manufacturers who give an additional layer of protection to their quartz worktops. This layer of protection often features the use of anti-bacterial substances, which is essential to kitchen hygiene.

The Quartz Percentage

No matter what kind of quartz worktop you choose to buy, if the seller tries to convince you that it is made solely of quartz, he would be lying. No quartz worktop on the planet is made purely of quartz. Typically, a combination of 7% cement or plastic based binders and 93% stone-like materials is used. Pure quartz is only one among many of the stone-like materials.

Considering their benefits, quartz worktops have to be considered as one of the ideal choices for kitchen worktops. As far as popularity is concerned, quartz worktops rank just as high as their granite and marble counterparts. If you are looking for a kitchen worktop to serve you well for a long time to come, spare a thought, surely, for quartz worktops.

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