Why do people choose quartz & Granite worktops Kent?

With many other worktop businesses available in the Kent area, one of the most obvious reasons why people choose us is we deliver as we promise. We carefully select our raw material suppliers so that your worktops lasts longer than any typical worktop. 

We also offer our services at a much affordable rate than any other top-of-the-line manufacturers and installers in Kent so that you do not have to compromise with your quartz and granite worktops while you are planning your budget for the worktops. Unlike other designers and manufacturers, we don’t advise you on which worktop will look best for your home; instead, we guide you through the process. 

We ask you questions like whether you are choosing the worktop for aesthetic appeal or should it be hardwearing, able to withstand daily use? Should it fit modern, traditional or a mix of both styles? Is your home in Kent busy or simple? When you answer such questions, we will help you shortlist worktops that fit your lifestyle and home interior perfectly. 

What makes us different from others?

We make our kitchen worktops, work surfaces etc., with utmost care and use state of the art technology to ensure its strength. Using natural materials like quartz and graphite requires years of expertise and skill to design and manufacture functional worktops. We combine our years of expertise, inexpensive raw materials and the latest technology like CNC to precisely cut and shape the worktops just as our clients want them to be. 

We also have great customer service, and our team is comprised of worktop designers, installers and fabricators to assist you through the entire process. With years of collective experience, we have gathered individually, we work as a team to ensure that your worktop is functional as well as aesthetically appealing. 

Once you place an order with us, we can assure you that the installation will be done within the next seven days so that you do not have to wait for months to use your countertops. We also constantly stay on top of changing worktops trends so that when we install yours, it does not put you back for five-six years. All our worktops are easy on the eyes, without any disruptive design on them to ruin the looks of your home. We also make sure that your quartz and granite worktops are incredibly durable, providing you with the ideal space to do hardwearing jobs that could scratch the surfaces had it been wooden countertop. Quartz and granite worktops are the easiest to clean and are often more hygienic when compared to other materials.

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Granite is more durable than marble, but both quartz and granite are strong and long-lasting materials.

The main difference between granite, quartz, and marble is that granite is a natural stone, while quartz and marble are man-made.

The best materials for use in an outdoor kitchen or barbecue layout are those that are durable and can withstand the elements, such as granite, quartz, or concrete.

You may need to seal your worktop, depending on the material. Granite and quartz do not require sealing, but marble does.

Quartz is the hardest of the three materials, but all are strong and durable.

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