Pros and cons of granite worktops

Pros and cons of granite worktops

Although granite worktops are among the most popular countertop materials, not everyone should use them.

To assist you in making the best choice, we have put together this useful blog. The definition of granite, the benefits and drawbacks of granite worktops, and potential issues with granite worktops are all covered in this article.

What is Granite?

Granite is made of cooled lava and magma that have been solidified and hardened to form igneous rock and too over millions of years in its creation. Many naturally distinct patterns and colors are produced as a result of this process, depending on the precise mineral composition.

Granite is exceptionally hard and durable because it is created under high pressure and heat. As granite is one of the world’s strongest natural materials, it is frequently used in crowded bathrooms and kitchens.

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What Makes Granite Famous Stone for Countertop?

Some of the main factors influencing homeowners’ decisions to pick granite for their countertops include its uniqueness, unmatched natural beauty, and durability. There is no denying that granite is a stunning natural stone that attracts attention, but what are its pros and cons in everyday use, let’s examine these in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite Countertops

Pros of Granite Countertops

  1. Extremely robust and scratch- and chip-resistant.
  2. A natural stone with distinctive veining, and colors.
  3. Exceptionally heat- and stain-resistant
  4. Affordable for those looking for a natural stone countertop.
  5. Every slab is different.
  6. You can choose from a wide variety of granite kinds to achieve the look you desire for your design.
  7. Sustainable since a single granite quarry can easily create thousands of granite pieces with little additional processing.
  8. Resistant to acids and chemicals.
  9. If properly maintained, will endure forever.
  10. Can be applied outside.

Cons of Granite Countertops

  1. Regular sealing is necessary to maintain granite stain resistance and prevent bacteria from growing inside the stone.
  2. Although granite is hard to break, once it has, it can be challenging to repair.
  3. Each slab is distinct, which is undoubtedly an advantage, but it also means that you have few options if you fall in love with a certain style.
  4. Because of the difficulty in matching the natural veining, seams could be more obvious.
  5. With speckling, older styles can look antiquated.

How Pura Stone can help you with the best Granite Countertop?

We would be delighted to assist if you have determined that granite is the best material for your new kitchen or bathroom.

High-quality granite worktops have been supplied and installed by Pura Stone for more than ten years. Whatever your color scheme, it’s simple to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with our wide selection of colors, designs, and finishes! From the initial proposal to the installation, everything is handled by our knowledgeable and courteous crew.

If you’re still not sure if granite is right for you, call our experts or fill out our online inquiry form for a free quote!

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