Match the Backsplash and Countertop Perfectly

The backsplash and countertop matching plays quite an important role in the designing of your kitchen. So, it is crucial to choose the right colours and materials so that the kitchen gets a perfect look. There are unlimited choices for backsplash and kitchen worktops in London which makes the selection task even more daunting. You may find that the materials look good separately but when put together do not complement each other. For this, seeking expert advice is the best solution to opt for.

Discussed below are a few combinations that help you decide on themixes of backsplash and kitchen worktops in Surrey:

• First Go For Countertop Selection: Try to focus on the selection of countertop first. It constitutes the workhorse of any kitchen and also involves a large part of your budget. So, you need to get that right. Moreover, kitchen worktops in Essex have a little-limited option in patterns and colours as compared to the backsplash. Thus, the selection is a bit easier.

• First the backsplash: It may so happen that you have your eyes on an attractive backsplash before deciding on the countertop. In such a case, it is hard to control your temptation. Experts dealing with kitchen worktops in London suggest that you must go for the backsplash first if you have found a perfect one. This helps to narrow down and ease your selection of countertops. If the backsplash you select is statement-making and bold, then opt for a subtlervariety of countertop material. This prevents the countertop from fighting against the backsplash.

• Same Material for Backsplash and Counter: This is probably the easiest option that you can go for. Make the worktop material that you purchased runagainst the wall as a backsplash. This option is especially smart when you have an excess of countertop material. You can break up the design by opting for the tile format for the backsplash and not the slab ones.

If you really find it difficult to analyse the finishes of your kitchen then hire experts who can well-design the project for you. They offer you plenty of selection options relating to kitchen worktops in Essex or any other places and also suggest the ideal matching for lovely kitchen decor.

Kitchen worktops in Surrey have got a new dimension with AMR Granite. You are sure to get excellent services from our expert team of templaters throughout the process of installation and manufacturing.

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