Kitchen Designs to Enhance the Beauty and Function of Granite Worktops

A granite or quartz worktop is a delightful addition to any kitchen that not only serves a functional purpose but boosts the décor of a kitchen appreciably. Granite worktops in Kent are popular among the customers who prefer it in their kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is a natural stone that is strong, durable and can be polished to an impeccable finish. After installing a granite worktop in your kitchen, you can include a host of extra features into your kitchen design for making your granite worktop stand out. Here are the additional features that can add style to your kitchen décor.

o Drainer Grooves: You can include drainer grooves in your kitchen design as they make a wonderful addition to kitchens having stone worktops. They stop water from seeping along the worktop and prevent your floor from getting wet. Therefore quartz or granite worktops in Croydon with drainer grooves have become popular and are in great demand.

o Kitchen Islands: Make sure your granite worktop is included in a kitchen island. These multifunctional kitchen islands can be part of grand workstations or small kitchens and incorporating this design in your kitchen would do justice to your elegant stone kitchen countertop. Thus granite worktops in Sussex and many places in the UK are now being installed in kitchen islands. This kitchen design has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

o Breakfast Bar: These breakfast bars are created for socializing in the kitchens and plays a key role in enhancing the décor of a kitchens with stone worktops. Thus granite worktops in Croydon with breakfast bars are a rage now.

o Curved Corner: Add zing to your kitchen décor with curved units as they not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen but even offer a safer and softer finish. Thus, homeowners are opting for granite worktops in Kent with a curved corner kitchen design.

There are a whole lot of features you can include in your kitchen installed with a granite worktop for giving it a whole new look. Include under-mount sinks, window sills, upstands, backsplashes, etc. in your kitchen décor as they blend well with stone countertops. Thus customers now prefer granite worktops in Sussex and include island units, break fronts, curved corners and breakfast bars for highlighting the beauty of the stone worktops. Contact AMR Granite, a reliable stone worktop dealer in UK for getting your granite kitchen countertop installed.

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