Granite Worktops vs Quartz Worktops: A Comprehensive Comparison

Granite worktops and quartz worktops are two of the most popular choices these days when it comes to kitchen worktops in London. Worktops of both granite and quartz have witnessed ever increasing demand in the last few decades, and this blog aims to compare them and see which worktops offer more advantages to end-users.

Points of Comparison

• Strength and Installation: Granite worktops are known for being incredibly strong, and the same can be said for quartz worktops. It’s no wonder that Caesarstone worktops have become so popular considering the strength that quality quartz worktops have to offer. Purely in terms of strength, both granite and quartz worktops are on a level playing field. However, installing quartz worktops is significantly easier, thanks to their flexibility.

• Maintenance: If there is one aspect in which quartz worktops score significantly more than their granite counterparts, it is maintenance. Granite worktop owners frequently complain about scratches and stains on the worktop surfaces, and it requires a lot of additional maintenance costs to ensure that these scratches and stains don’t stay on the worktop surface forever. Granite worktops just cannot be used without sealing, and even if you get them sealed once, they need to be re-sealed every single year to keep them ready for use, as the stone is incredibly porous. Thanks to the non-porous qualities of the stone used for most quartz worktops, they don’t require any kind of sealing.

• Seam Visibility: Most worktop owners don’t want the seams to be visible on their worktops. For these kind of people, it’s recommended to choose from darker collared quartz worktops, as the seams are not easily visible as far as these types of worktops are concerned. However, if you are a fan of granite worktops, then you simply have to accept the visibility of the seams, as you can’t help it once it has been put into place by the installers.

• Costs: Both granite and quartz countertops can be expensive. Not many years ago, granite worktops used to be priced significantly higher than their quartz counterparts. However, thanks to the ever-rising demand and popularity of quartz worktops, granite worktop manufacturers decided to reduce prices. But till this day, granite worktops remain comparatively more expensive because of their durability and looks.


Both granite worktops and quartz Caesarstone worktops have their advantages. But if you want your worktop to look great without costing you a fortune, go for quartz!

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