Granite worktops Brighton: The power of the hob in the design of the kitchen

Granite worktops Brighton: The power of the hob in the design of the kitchen

Granite worktops are a growing preference for many homeowners while designing their kitchens. Some of the best features granites offer are durability and aesthetics. And being glossy, they are also efficient and functional.

Here are the top 3 design tips for granite worktops.

1. Decide how you would use your worktop

Different families have different values and use the worktops differently. Some families may use it as a breakfast table, while others will have an integrated draining boarding on the granite. Some will also use it as a chopping board or shaping dough. All these inputs can be considered before ordering your granite worktop.

2. Measurements

How much space can you offer for your granite worktop? More than choosing the type or colour of granite, you will need to figure out where your worktop will fit or where you want it to be for a long time. The strength of the wall and cupboards should be taken into consideration as well.

If you are unsure about anything here, you can consult your worktop manufacturer, who would be able to offer you insights from experience.

3. The cut-outs

The cut-outs for where the sinks, hob, taps, etc., will go need to be decided before installation. If might want to choose the type of sink or hob before considering the cut-outs too. So, if you are renovating everything and buying new ones, then you will have to wait for the arrival of the new parts.

Once you offer these details, your manufacturer will provide you with a template with the cut-outs so that you can have a practical idea.


If you want your Granite Worktop to really fit your kitchen, then the best way to do this is to change the colouring or pattern of your other stuff around the granite colour. Granites come naturally, and looking for particular colours and patterns would not make sense.

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