Granite or Engineered Stone – Which is Better for Your Kitchen Countertop?

Engineered stone has gained popularity due to its improved characteristics compared to natural stone. Natural stone is cut out from pure marble, granite or sandstone but engineered stone is constructed from quartz crystals bonded together with the resin binder. The infusion of the resin particles strengthens the engineered stones making them more durable and aesthetically appealing. Thus the demand for engineered worktops is rising over granite worktops in Surrey.

• Customization: One of the benefits of using an engineered stone is that it can be created in any shade. This is not possible with natural stones such as granite. Engineered stones like quartz are available in a host of styles and colours for helping you in perfectly colour coordinating your kitchen worktop with the remaining accessories of your kitchen. Thus the craze for quartz worktops is rising over the granite worktops in Brighton.

• Colour: Natural stones like granite have a charm of its own. Many people like the lustre of the natural stones, such as granite or marble when polished to a flawless finish. That aura cannot be created in the engineered stones but there is one difference between the two. The colour of the artificially made engineered stone is more uniform compared to the natural stones.

• Strength: The engineered stone is incorporated with the resin binders making itmore resistant to chipping and cracking like granite. The resins also make the man-made stone resistant to heat, cuts, and scratches.

• Maintenance: A drawback of countertops made from natural stones is that those are very porous. Engineered stones, on the other hand, are non-porous. This makes the quartz countertops easy for cleaning and maintenance and preferable to the granite worktops in Croydon.

• Staining: Natural stones like granite, is prone to staining from wine, oil, juice and various other kinds of liquids if it is not sealed properly or there is wearing off the sealant with time. Engineered stones are not susceptible to staining and will sport a brand new look for a longer period of time.

Thus, the natural stones and the man-made ones have certain merits and demerits associated with them. You have to choose one according to your requirement and affordability. If you are looking for a countertop that is strong, durable and elegant and requires low upkeep, engineered stone is the answer. Contact your worktop dealer today for installing your granite or engineered stone worktop.

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