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The kitchen worktop is used for a host of functions that include preparing food, dining, serving as an additional storage space etc. A wide range of kitchen worktops in Essex is available in an array of materials, such as granite, marble, quartz, hardwood, stainless steel, glass etc. Each of the material offers some advantages.

Let’s take a look at each of the materials.

What Material Should You Select for Your Kitchen Worktop?

o Granite: This material by far is the most popular choice for kitchen worktops in London and other cities. It is preferred over the other materials for being heat-resistant, hard-wearing, and resistant to the growth of bacteria and for being easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it is available in a multitude of shades, such as green, black, red, blue, brown, beige etc.

o Quartz: This is the man-made substitute for the stone worktops, such as granite and marble. To increase its hardness, it is buttressed with resins with the help of industrial techniques. This makes it more resistant to wear and tear and prolongs its longevity. There are scores of benefits offered by quartz that make it an ideal material for kitchen worktops in Surrey. Quartz is available in a wide range of colours. Moreover it has antibacterial and hard-wearing features.

o Marble:The first and the foremost reason for using marble as a kitchen countertop is because of its beauty, elegance, classy appeal and uniqueness. No two marble slabs are same and thus can impart a distinctive flair to your kitchen. Hence, if you can afford it, nothing comes close to marble.

These are the most popular materials used for kitchen worktops though hardwood, glass, steel and laminates can also be a good choice. Choose one according to your requirement and budget.
For an expert suggestion on the right material for your kitchen countertop, write to us at info@amrgranite.co.uk or call us at 01293 550 184.

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